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About Claudia True - Artist

If you love to smile then my art’s for you! For 20+ years I’ve been making art that’s about loving life and finding joy. I just got an email from a collector who said how happy she is every time she looks at her painting that I created. Isn’t that wonderful! Life’s short - let’s be happy. 😍
My pre-art career was a geologist and it included extensive travel. I truly believe that my art is influenced by time spent outdoors in the spectacular southwestern United States and parts of Mexico (for fun) and Indonesia (for work) - learning from the earth and connecting with its unspoiled beauty. The very bold colors that “make you smile” are influenced by my youth in South Texas and it’s strong Mexican culture, and years living in the amazing sunshine of California. These magical memories are reflected in brightly colored florals, birds and critters. Now - living in Kansas - the influences of nature continue. The oh-so-colorful birds, butterflies, flowers and vegetables in my yard find their way into my often whimsical art.
Prior to moving to Kansas City in 2007, I owned galleries and studios in Bakersfield, California. That’s where I started teaching others to paint. One of my first students was “elderly” (yikes I’m now approaching her age) and lived alone. After her first set of lessons, she said “you’ve given me a reason to wake up in the morning!” I still get goose bumps thinking about that, and understanding how art can affect someone’s life. In Kansas my studio is in my basement where I do my own creating, teach acrylic painting classes, and conduct fun wine and painting parties. I love to teach and share the joy of painting with others and to help them develop their own creative spirit.
Life’s an adventure! With my paintings, I try to share some happiness in your own adventure. / Overland Park, Ks / 661-303-2619