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About Claudia True - Artist


Claudia True - painter of colorful, often whimsical art - and recipes!  She creates art that makes you smile!

Colors and subjects in Claudia’s work are influenced by her youth in South Texas and years living in the amazing sunshine of California.  She combines her two passions - painting and cooking - in an annual art and food calendar where Claudia “paints recipes” shared by her friends.  

Claudia’s past career included extensive travel as a geologist.  Her work is influenced by time spent outdoors in the spectacular southwestern United States and parts of Mexico and Indonesia - learning from the earth and connecting with its unspoiled beauty.

Now - living in Kansas - the influence of nature continues.  The oh-so-colorful birds and butterflies, flowers and vegetables in her yard find their way into Claudia’s fun art.  

Life’s an adventure!!  With Claudia’s paintings, she hopes to capture and share some of that adventure - from a tiny bird to a magnificent landscape.  Enjoy!