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2017 Cooking with Friends art and food calendar

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I'm right in the middle of painting for my favorite project of the year - Cooking with Friends art and food calendar. It's a cookbook with great stories in calendar format. Each month features a recipe shared by a friend. They all have a story about them that's so interesting to read. This year several are "Mom's recipes" which is kind of fun.  When I get these, I put on my "creativity cap" and come up with a painting to capture the spirit of the recipe and/or story.  

Happy New Year Cheesecake! ©Claudia True - recipe from Johana Goldberg

If you like to cook or eat really yummy food - and/or you love whimsical colorful art, I think you'll love this calendar. Each month you'll have a new painting hanging in your home, and a new dish to make. It's also a perfect gift for your foodie and art-loving friends. Think hostess gifts during the holidays, and just plain ol' holiday gifts!  

There are sooo many reasons why I love this project. Mainly it's because I get to communicate frequently with my friends! I get to know them a little better through the stories they share. And I keep all the calendars together as my favorite "cookbook." The 2017 calendar is the 9th, so I have quite a collection of new recipes. Many of these are my NEW favorites.

   ©Claudia True 

The featured painting for this post is for Blueberry Cobbler Crisp - shared by Lori Kueker.  Click here for purchase information. She makes this annually using blueberries picked from a bush planted by her Dad. How special is that!  This will be the July page in the calendar - it's perfect for a 4th of July party when blueberries are at their season's best.

I don't have my own blueberry bush but I'm heading to the store to purchase some and make this delicious dessert. This just may be a new favorite!!  

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  • Carolyn Young on

    Great blog and I love the idea that a lot of people are submitting “mom’s” recipes!

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